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I have 1 week to find an Iguana a home, or fiund a shelter for it...

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  • I have 1 week to find an Iguana a home, or fiund a shelter for it...


    My soon to be ex roommate owned an Iguana. It is now in my/my GFs posession (roommate no longer wanted it), but we cannot take proper care of it either. This iguana was poorly cared for by said roommate, once the vita-light burned out, it was left in a bathtub full of water for a period of 2 months, nobody checking water temp very often, or taking the iguana out to dry off etc. It would remain in it's waste infested water, cold for long periods, and would be given lettuce that wasn't treated with any vitamin supplement, simply tossed onto the waters surface. Once we took him, we bought a simplw 250 watt flood light and put him back into his cage. I feed him as I can, and give him water, but I know this isn't the proper care, and neither I or my GF have the time/money/space for such an animal, as much as we'd like to keep him.I move in less than a week, and cannot take him. I need to find very quickly, someone who will take a free, but malnourished and improperly cared for Iguana, and properly care for it, or else I need to find a shelter, preferably no-kill, that will take the iguana, nurse it to proper health, and sell it to a more responsible owner. I figure Ars would be a great place to start, so here I am. I live in the San Diego area, if that helps.

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