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Saved an iguana today...

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  • Saved an iguana today...


    I've always considered an iguana, and have spent hours reading into them, just out of interest. I wanted to wait a while longer until I felt that I was ready, but I was at a flea market today and saw an juvenile iguana in a tiny little aquarium. He seemed to be in good health, but had to source of light or heat. I couldn't just leave him there, so I had to take him home. Now, I feel like I'm adequately prepared for the iguana, (besides the enclosure, which I'm starting on tuesday. He's currently in a 20 gallon tank, but I want him in a bigger one), but I was wondering if anyone had any good forums similar to these that you could all point me towards. The kingsnake one isn't organized the way I would like it to, and it seems like there aren't a whole lot better ones out there. Does anyone participate in an iguana forum that is a little more active and/or well organized that kingsnake?

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