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Turtle Behavior: Issues In Concern

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  • Turtle Behavior: Issues In Concern


    As some of you might know, I have recently changed a whole new lifestyle for my 11-12 years old RES (male). I decided to spice up the his new home by covering the 29G tank with a background. However, now the RES seems to be fighting himself a lot by thinking there's another RES that's trying to take over his terrority (only happens when I turn on the light which then triggers an image of himself). Of course, living most of his life in a Rubbermaid, I've never seen this kind of aggression before. I don't mind about if it didn't put himself in danger but at times, he bites himself around his front claws. Is this issue something worth concerning or will he finally realize that he's fighting himself? I've already ordered some plastic plants and I will be planning to add those in as well (hopefully blocking his mirror image a little more). The 2nd issue concerns his basking area. I have just received his basking platform today and he hasn't gotten use to it yet as expected. I had to lift him up to the platform. He seem to enjoy his first indoor basking experience. He must have basked for about 6 hours until I decided to place him back into the water (hoping he might try to climb back up but he didn't). However, the ramp leading to the actual basking area is kind of small for him. The ramp is only about 3 1/2 inches wide and he's about 5inches in wide already. Will that be an issue? I have included a picture and the sizing specifications below. My last issue regards some lizard liner that I bought. What kind of glue is the safest for aquariums so that I can glue the lizard liner to the bottom of the tank. If I just leave at the bottom, it just floats back up.

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