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Critatus and other trioceros

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  • Critatus and other trioceros

    cia a tutti
    i was stopped trioceros some months ago but last week at hamm i couldn t resist.
    my news cristatus(not pics of female she was stressed) and xantholophus pair.
    i m looking for personnals informations about Cristatus
    if some one can help me in this forum
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    very very beautiful !!!
    I have ordered me too a pair of trioceros cristatus for the fair of Cerea!!!
    What are the size of the cage of xantholophus and cristatus???


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      I know that's impossible to resist to Trioceros!! They are too beautiful
      For some infos wait for Monocromo and others who kept that species..


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        ok .....
        since I do not know English I am writing with information on google translator cristatus I have a book (the chameleons of mountain, plain and dwarves)
        Size: 25cm
        PROBLEMS OF GROWTH: This is a very strong animal, which usually tolerates the discomfort lethal to capture and transport. if terrariofilo able to meet the environmental needs of T.cristatus there are particular difficulties in maintaining it. is essential camaleontario raised in a terrarium and not closed. can reach 5 years of age.
        TEMPERATURE: not tolerate high temperatures for which the maximum daytime should not exceed i24 degrees for long periods. at night the temperature can drop to 12-13 degrees but it is advisable to keep an average temperature of 17 degrees at night.
        HUMIDITY: The humidity should be high, especially at night, as happens in natural and then spraying the camaleontario least 3 times a day (in summer also 4-6 times). High humidity and low temperatures are related to in nature T.cristatus occupies the lower mountain rain forest, an environment where the sunlight comes for just a couple of hours a day. for this reason cristatus not like light exposure.
        Temperament is an animal and so susceptible to stress. to conspecifics is quite peaceful, but OUNCIL keep a single copy for camaleontario.
        PLAYBACK: difficult to play. Few are hatched in captivity and even more rare pairs.

        I took the information from the book: i camaleonti di montagna, di pianura e nani
        Leonardo Brunetti
        Luca Giandomenico
        Maximum Millefanti

        I congratulate you anyway ...... you really beautiful specimens
        I hope Essert helpful .... good breeding
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          thanks @jack29 and pietro.cassino.
          my xantholophus and cristatus are in size cage 60.60.120cm


          Sto operando...