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  • di nuovo dieta iguana (lungo)

    e giusto perche' non ho niente altro da fare, visto che gli articoli sono lunghi cito anche le parti piu' importanti per chi non ha tempo o voglia di leggere:
    "Iguanas in captivity are prone to this (kidneyfailure notamia) in a large part because people keep feeding them animal protein...."
    "Books that say to feed animal protein and only put down water once a week have not increased iguana longevity - quite the contrary: since the new iguana books came out in the early 1990's, it appears that kidney failure is striking at younger ages, with iguanas dying at 3-5 years rather that 7-9 years from it...and even that was far short of the 15-20+ years they should be living."
    "First off, we already know that Iguanas at all ages are STRICT VEGETARIANS. There is no time in an iguana's life that animal based proteins are needed. This basically means that foods such as, dog food, cat food, crickets, meal worms, monkey chow, and the like should NEVER BE USED in an iguanas diet. Animal Proteins will cause the kidneys to work extra hard to break them down and after a few years the iguana will die of Kidney Failure" "Certain individuals will die younger and others much older, but it's almost guaranteed that the ig fed animal proteins will die much younger than it should. SO JUST DON'T DO IT!!! "
    When reading books and journal articles about iguanas, the ones which state that iguanas are insectivorous when young or during the course of their lives, the authors all cite one particular source. Further investigation, however, shows that apparently one person misread the actual article cited, while everyone else just assumed that person read it correctly. Oops!
    Authors, be they biologists, veterinarians, or pet care book writers, all refer to earlier sources for their statements regarding iguanas-as-omnivores. Trace these sources back far enough and you come to:

    Swanson, P.L., 1950. The iguana Iguana iguana iguana (L.). Herpetologica 6(7): 187-193.

    The only sentence in Swanson that refers to juveniles is: "Very young iguanas are probably almost entirely insectivorous, but I have made no personal observations on their feeding habits." [emphasis mine]

    It took only one person to mis-read or misunderstand this sentence to condemn 50 years of pet iguanas to deadly diets in captivity.
    "Their kidneys have to work harder to remove the waste products of protein breakdown from the blood, which leads to kidney damage and eventual kidney failure in the long run. Given the fact that most captive iguanas are at least mildly dehydrated much of the time, too much protein in the diet just puts further pressure on already taxed kidneys."
    "Since we donít know what the safe level of animal protein is for our iguanas, should we risk it?"
    "Examination of the stomach contents of wild iguanas indicates that iguanas of all ages are folivores, and not omnivores as many used to believe"

    Adam britton, la kaplan, iguanaden, Swofford e tutti gli altri siti visitati sconsigliano qualsiasi aggiunta di proteine animali.
    ciao ciao

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    Molto interessante ed utile rewiew...
    Ciao Nazzza!


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      ma non c'Ť niente di decente in italiano per noi poveri ........
      comunque mi fido di sabý.


      Sto operando...