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On Request.... more photo's :-)

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  • On Request.... more photo's :-)

    Here are some more photo's we took from our Rhacodactylus the past few months.

    One of our female breeders, she is kind of greenish most of the time.

    Offspring from our Extreme Harlequin.

    The father of the ciliatus above.

    One of our next year breeder auric.

    The Female who is going to be paired with the above male Garg.

    One of our female PI chahoua.

    A feisty little baby.


    One of our own bred "Dutch Pinstripes".

    Another "Dutch Pinstripe" and sister of the female above.

  • #2
    congratulations...i love all yours cili...they are incredible...fantastic...
    now i know where i can take my next geko bye bye


    • #3
      your geckos are fantastick


      • #4
        All Nice! I love the harley "father"


        • #5
          wow!! very beautiful geckos and very beautiful photos!!!thanks for sharing!!!!


          • #6
            wow fantastic fotogood


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              You are far to kind!
              We've had some great hatchlings this year and we kept 2 (originally 4 but we decided to sell them cause we needed the space ).
              Next year is going to be a very special year for us since it's the first time we will be breeding other Rhacodactylus than ciliatus (auriculatus, chahoua and maybe leachianus leachianus).
              And as far as ciliatus goes, we are going to breed some new morphs (for us) like red full pinstripe, yellow full pinstripe, and black full pinstripe.
              And we will be sharing every photo with you guys lol


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                foto e animali molto belli...strano il substrato usato per incubare...qualcuno ha idea di cosa sia?


                • #9
                  the very first cili is amazing, never see anything like that before!


                  • #10
                    I have just to say: wooooooooooooow the first one and the last one are just amazing! I knew that I should go to Hamm....


                    • #11
                      The greenish female is just lovely...and what do you mean when you say "dutch pinstripe" it a new line?


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                        foto e animali molto belli...strano il substrato usato per incubare...qualcuno ha idea di cosa sia?
                        We don't speak Italian, but we guess you are asking about our incubation substrate.
                        We use Super Hatch from Allen Repashy. We are very satisfied with it. We never have to add water and when you are done using it you can just boil it for re-use.

                        Thanks all for the nice compliments!

                        The Dutch Pinstripe is something we made up. It's not an official new line (maybe some day it will be lol). We managed to breed a pinstripe with a red/orange body and a bright orange pinstripe (in our case the ones we start our lines with have a partial pinstripe). Most of the pinstripes have a white or yellow pinstripe and not the orange we got. So we decided to give it a name.


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                          Sorry, but my english is not very good. ^^''
                          Your geckos are very very beautiful, are fantastick.
                          Congratulations. xD


                          • #14
                            i'm absolutely amazed....nice geckos and nice camera-touch...
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                            • #15
                              you've got astonishing gekos


                              Sto operando...