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Wow... what a change...

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  • Wow... what a change...

    Today we got some pictures of a ciliatus hatchling we bred ourself a year ago and sold after a few months. She is now an almost full grown female and we must say we were very surprised by her looks.

    This is how she looked when we sold her (as unsexed):

    And this is how she looks now....

    We never could imagine that the pattern would expand this much.

  • #2
    wow! will you be in Verona next october?


    • #3
      Undoubtedly a very intresting color.
      Could be a very intresting starting point for a project for the buyer
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      • #4
        Thanks all!
        We won't be in Verona, but we visit every Hamm show. There are a lot of Italians going to the Hamm show...

        @ one of the Mods, we just notices the topic title is wrong.. Can it be changed into:Wow... what a change...
        I accidentally copied the title from a dutch forums which has nothing to do with geckos and never noticed it... Sorry!


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          are u sure that this is the same animal???
          'cause in the first pic i can see a little black spot on the animal, but in the others pics i can see it...


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            C' c', si vede.
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            • #7
              @ Bigdenis:
              We are very sure
              And the spot is still there, take a closer look...


              • #8
                ...people...sorry but i don t see the spot...and sorry for my english ahhaha


                Sto operando...