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We made some new pictures

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  • We made some new pictures

    Today we made some new pictures of some of the leachies.

    Svetlana, Nuu Ana, 3 years old and 170 grams:

    Olga, Mt. Koghis Friedel, 4 years old and 220 grams :

    We finally managed to make some pictures of Boris, our Mt. Koghis, Friedel line male. Most of the time he is hiding in a mask we glued to the background of the viv, so we can't get him our of there to make pictures.
    He was out in the open today, but he still is a mean bastard. He bites without a warning. The rest of them will warn you they they don't like it, but he attacks immediately. So here he is, i don't think anyone has ever seen a picture of him since he is adult.

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    I like very much the "mean bastard"


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      Thanks! Most of our leachianus are very friendly, but this one isn't...


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        Debbie, your mt. koghis are very similar to my type C! and yours weight more than mine
        my two females are aggressive, specially 1.
        Ci vuole sempre qualcosa da bere... ci vuole sempre vicino un bicchiere...[URL=""][/URL]


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          awesome animals!!.....i hope to find a baby at a "decent" price at verona shows
          you use to feed em repashy diet as for your ciliatus or any other kind of food?


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            Thanks all.
            @ gollum: how big and old are your type c? Svetlanea is 27 cm long, olga is 30 m long and boris is 3 years old, 30 cm long and around 200 grams. Don't know the exact weight since he kept trying to bit me...

            We mainly give them the repashy food. Every once in a while they get fresh fruit, crickets, roaches or pinky mice.


            Sto operando...