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New Hamm additions.

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  • New Hamm additions.

    Today we had a table at the Hamm show in Germany. We had a GREAT show! We sold almost all of our Rhacodactylus, except for 1 ciliatus. We met a lot of nice people and some old friends.
    We sold out all of the Repashy food, so that was also good.
    We came home with a few new additions. Here are some pictures we made before putting them in their new enclosures.

    This is a sarasinorum hatchling from one of our females and the white collared male from a friend of ours. It's a little bit flighty so taking a good pictures was not possible.

    We also got 2 ciliatus hatchlings from very red parents, produced by the same friend, hopefully they will be female, so they can be paired up with Cherry Pie.

    This is a Tremper line PI chahoua hatchling.

    We also got ourselves a new auriculatus. We named this one Maru, after the breeder

    Here is a picture of one of the 1.1.2 B. geitaina.
    They ran like crazy when we opened the boxes, so no pictures from the rest.

    Finally we got a Mt. Koghis Dark Morph, it's 1 month old and already huge. We love it. Since every leachianus we own have Russian names, we decided to name this one Yuri, so hopefully it's

    Thanks to a friend of ours we got this Russian line trachycephalus, to go with the USA female we already have.

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    Here are some new pictures.


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      Nice additions!


      Sto operando...